Monday, June 29, 2009

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...

I've been a member of Etsy for less than 3 months but have done quite a bit of shopping! I thought I'd share some of my favorite stores and why I like them so much. Each of these Etsy sellers had great communication, customer service and quality work.

There are 2 handbag stores I just love. One is called JPleasant and can befound by visiting: I saw a particular bag store owner Joyce had created for someone and just had to have one too. The cost of this bag was $37 plus shipping. When it arrived I was so surprized at the quality and detail for the price! It was obvious Joyce paid great attention to detail and as a result I anticipate my bag holding up for quite some time. This particular handbag has been a walking ad for her store. It looks so much better in person.

The other handbag store I would like to rave about is UniquelyDifferent and can be found at Julia is the creator of these fun bags and she resides in London, England. While her store name sums up her bags, I should add, many of the fabrics she uses are out of print, therefore making them rare. I just adore the bag I got. The quality is excellent and Julia was more than accomadating when I considered a special request.

I've shared my adoration for art from LaurenAlexander already on my blog but I'd like to brag on her a bit once again. Her store can be found by going to I'm a sucker for freebies whether they be a sticker or a free print or any other kind of sample. Lauren takes such great care packaging her art for her buyers. Getting art from her feels like Christmas or birthday time. I found her art to be even more vibrant in person.

Since we all require soap on a regular basis (or should) I'd really like to recommend my favorite soap maker from SunBasilGarden and can be found at The creator of these soaps is named Lauren and she uses top quality product. While many of the soap sellers on Etsy also use high quality ingredients, Lauren's soaps are beautiful too. They are very pleasently scented and leave my skin feeling clean but not dried out as many soaps do.

I've had many other wonderful Etsy shopping experiences. I look forward to writing short reviews on other Etsy artists again in the near future. Thank you to these sellers for the wonderful shopping experiences.

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  1. Melissa!- aka Embound,
    It's so great to see a picture of you. A fellow wife and mother too. Ah thanks so much for includng my soaps in your blog. I enjoy seeing your name come through my shop. off to check out your other favs. Don't yah just love ETSY! - Lauren :)