Saturday, January 23, 2010

Coming Soon... PENDANTS!

Yes, while I'm not ready to post photos, I've acquired some really cool boulder Opals and Spectrolite/Labradorites. I even picked up a Larimar cab too.

I'm still running my clearance sale until these items are listed. I plan on going through all my current listings, tweaking some of the pendants (cleaning them up) and rephotographing them. They will then be relisted at their original price.

Thank you for your support and to those of you who left positive heartfelt feedback. I so appreciate you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Paintings Coming Soon!

I haven't gotten any of these listed because my scanner isn't yet hooked up. We've been doing some reorganizing of our den. I may list just photographed images of my paintings in the mean time.
Some of these paintins were done back in November. The very first image were the first paintings of 2010.
I'll be listing more jewelry probably in February. Right now I am focusing on clearancing my current inventory.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is by far the biggest sale I've done so please take a minute to browse my store at UP TO 50% OFF!!

I've been very slack in blogging, however, I do have some announcements:

I have some new paintings I hope to have listed within the next couple weeks. I haven't had time with the holiday to scan and photograph the images.

I am considering letting my gem store fade out. Some of the exotics I have are becoming harder to come by or replace so those may be pulled first.

I hope to add to my jewelry store soon. As with painting, wire wrapping takes more time than I've had lately. I have purchased some supplies and plan to get moving soon.