Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Campus Crusade For Christ

I would like to begin a habit of featuring a new charitable causes that are dear to my heart. This month I've decided to feature Campus Crusade for Christ.

While I've heard of this group I didn't know too much about it until I reconnected with an old friend Stephanie. I've asked her to share a bit about herself and what she does.
"I have been on staff with Campus Crusade since 2005. Currently I am part of a team of people in Missoula, Montana who are trying to share about who Jesus is with students on the campus of the University of Montana. Our heart is that every person here would know someone who truly follows Jesus Christ. I believe that every person is on a spiritual journey and my desire is to help them along the way. If you want to see more about our ministry feel free to check out! It is such a privilege to do this work that God has called me to. I love it!"
Stephanie is a missionary on college campuses. She shared with me the struggles some may have when going to college connecting with other Christians. For believers, connecting with the body of Christ is so important especially as there are often social pressures that can tempt young people especially from living a Christ-like life. Campus Crusade for Christ makes themselves available reaching out to those needing spiritual guidance.

If you would like to support this mission, please check out the link above Stephanie provided and contact her there. Please visit my Art Store this month as 20% of my sales will be going to support Stephanie.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Good Stuff

If you've visited my shop in the last couple days you've seen my biggest sale to date; buy one piece, get one HALF OFF (excluding my promo chains). There's one day left for this sale. Still can't find something you like? I've got about 20 pieces soon to be listed!

Coming soon are some more leaf pendants I've had stored away, genuine sapphires in fine silver, Koroit boulder opal wire wrapped, fossilized sea urchin, natural in form copper from Arizona, more pearl bracelets and more! What you see in the picture is not all, but it's what I have finished so far.