Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ocean Treasures

This last weekend we took our 3 kids on an RV camping trip to the Central Oregon Coast. If you've never visited the soft silky sand dunes of Florence and Dunes City, Oregon I encourage you to consider vacationing there. No need for the stair master! Your buns will get a great workout hiking the dunes. The prize for reaching the peek of a small dune on Saturday was seeing the powerful majestic Pacific ocean and the treasures it yielded.

The particular beach we visited is one of my favorite. It's quiet (aside from the roar of the waves) and I find time just to walk and talk with God. The beach floor is filled with sanded down broken sea shells. Just what I'd come for. Walking the coast I was flooded with inspiration. Here are some of the pieces I've come up with as a result:

Each Ocean Treasure has been naturally shaped and sanded by the Pacific Ocean and thoughtfully wrapped in sterling silver by me!

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