Monday, June 22, 2009

Fine Silver Flowers

I'm getting ready to start a new project involving my happy little flowers. The only design I currently have listed is for this necklace:

I will be experimenting with some other necklace designs and a ring. These flowers are made using precious metal silver clay (99.9% silver once the binder is burned off through the firing process). The centers of the flowers are detailed with swirly sterling silver wire.

On order, hence the reason for my delay in production, is a fine silver stamp to mark my pieces assuring the wearer the purity of the silver.

There is quite a process to working with precious silver clay. First off, you have to work fast as the material dries out quickly! It can take a lot of time to sand and get textured the way you want the piece. Once complete, each flower is as unique as its wearer. I hope people will find these pieces as much fun to wear as they are to make.

1 comment:

  1. Melissa, those are SO pretty! I would love to see one with brown/blue beads or pink/black. :)