Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is the biggest sale of the year for me and for the first time, I will have great sales in ALL THREE stores! Etsy (the site my stores are on) has made it so we can issue out coupon codes. The reason this is so great is you don't have to wait for me to refund savings any longer. You get your savings immediately at checkout.

So, onto the sale specials. These specials will begin on Thursday. This means the coupon codes you see here will not work until then. These codes will all expire Cyber Monday.

Embound (jewelry store)

Use coupon code "thanks201" for 20% off your entire order. This includes chains that never go on sale (nor should they with today's silver prices) as well as the already discounted items in my clearance bargains catagory.

EmBoundArt (my paintings shop)

Use coupon code "thanks102" for 10% off your entire order. PLUS, buy 3 of my necklaces in this store, get 1 free. Just enter your selection at checkout and please allow up to a week for shipment. THERE'S MORE! With any $30 purchase (after savings, not before) get a free "thank you" gift! This is a sample pack of my work. It includes a blank card, 2 stickers, a glass magnet, and a metallic ACEO signed print. Your pack will vary slightly. One per customer while supplies last.

EmBoundGem (my store for loose gemstones)

Use coupon code "thanks103" for 10% off your entire order in my shop. This is really special because I've never done a sale in this shop. I price my gems competitively anyway and often find I've priced them lower than I can replace them for. Nonetheless, they are overstock of my personal collection and are great for creating your own jewelry or just adding to your own collection.

So, there it is. Please know I really appreciate all your support :). Happy Thanksgiving!!

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