Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Blog Update for 2010

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah time. Thanks to all my wonderful customers I was able to, not only give my family a decent Christmas, but pay for my first class of school. I've begun my courses at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to become a gemologist. I've studied gems for more than 15 years and as you may know, I sell them on Etsy as well. I have a complete gem lab and a vast array of rare and exotic gems used for my study so this is right up my alley.

Between caring for my 3 children and my dear husband, and managing all their appointments, I'm finding time to study, paint, make jewelry pieces and manage my shops. I'm not Super Woman so something is going to have to give--and it can't be my kids or husband so it'll be time on my projects. I'll be a bit slower paced on getting pieces made and listed.

I've reduced prices (some drastically) in my art and jewelry shops on most items to clearance out older pieces. New jewelry should be released by next week and I hope to create and list more new paintings sometime this week as I have ideas stewing in my head.

Thank you all for a wonderful 2010. I understand we're in an economic recession and there are many things you can choose to spend your money on. I'm humbled and honored that you'd chose to invest in one of my art pieces whether it's a painting or pendant.

May God bless you and keep you safe. Happy 2011 to you and yours,


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