Monday, April 12, 2010

Packaging with Love

Unlike a lot of online shopping places I've found Etsy sellers tend to take great pride in the presentation of their handmade goods. Whether it's secure packaging, free samples, or added touches like gift wrapping or personal notes, receiving a package in the mail from an Etsy seller often leaves me feeling pretty special. And honestly, I'm more likely to return to a seller if free samples or a gift with purchase is included with an order. I'm a sucker for deals. I want my customers to feel the same custom personal touches when they receive their order as I have.

Each of my handmade jewelry orders are delivered in handmade cloth bags by Ole Bag Lady, another Etsy seller. Inside the bag I like to include a personalized thank you note with the tissue wrapped jewelry. Attached to the tie on each bag is a sterling silver wire formed signature heart. The bag then is wrapped in tissue once more. and placed in a padded envelope. Shipping confirmation is used on each order.

There are a variety of patterns of the bags I use. So the bag in the photo may not be the same bag you'll receive.

NOTE: Remember April is my anniversary month and I have a drawing going on and lots of new items. MANY clearance items too!

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