Thursday, April 1, 2010

Emma and Her Pillow Case Dress

And to the right we have the lovely little Miss Emma wearing a darling custom crafted pillow case dress by GirlieBows.

I just love the versatility of these dresses I've seen from photos. Some wear them as I have it on my daughter, or as shirts with jeans, or as a jumper with a long sleeved shirt or turtle neck underneath.

If you'd like to pick up one of these dresses, I was happy with the turn around time from this Etsy store considering it was made after I ordered it. There are quite a few patterns to choose from and the prices are reasonable at $25 (which includes shipping charges).

Please don't judge the dress just by the way it's on my daughter. I literally threw it on her and didn't straighten out the bows or anything. I wanted to keep her new dress clean for Easter.

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  1. Melissa, that is so adorable. Ive been wondering what those look like. Very cute.