Monday, September 28, 2009

Store Number Three!

Ta-da! Introducing EmBoundGem...

This store will be for selling loose gems and other supplies I may come up with in the future. Right now my focus is still primarily on my jewelry store

My hope with EmBoundGem is to fulfill special requests. Those working with PMC and Art Clay may especially find this store a real treat. I'll be selling a variety of cuts, clarity and overall quality including a section for scratch and dent stones. I have a lot of very rare gems as well that are of good quality.

I am not a Graduate Gemologist, however gems are a passion and hobby of mine. I've been studying gems since I was a teenager. I have a full gem lab in my home and will be happy to answer any questions people have about their gems. I am a gem geek!

I will probably begin listing later this week and do my wire wrapping and painting in the mean time.
Please add my store to your "faves" in your Etsy account.

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