Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ammolites are Here!

More ammolites will be listed soon and will be UNDER $40! My last ones sold out. These are rare beauties found only in Alberta Canada. Watch for the ammolites to be listed very soon. They are wrapped in solid sterling silver and accented by a lustrous dangling genuine round freshwater pearl. Contact me if you would like a specific one listed sooner for you.

The photo shows only one angle of color. These stones (from ammonite fossils) put many opals to shame, and like fine fiery opals, have a play of color depending on the direction they are viewed in. Ammolites are in their natural form so the surfaces may show inclussions (exclussions) and some pitting or chipping. They are backed with their matrix.


  1. Of course, as an Australian (where 97% of the world's opals are found) I feel forced to say that opals are waaaay prettier! Hehehe. Just kidding; those ammolites are gorgeous.