Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birthday Listings

I just celebrated my birthday. Is it me or is it normal to forget your exact age after 30? I actually questioned if I was a year older than I was. I had a great day. I had a clean home and my hubby took me out to dinner tonight and got a sitter for the kids. I received my order from Old Navy and everything fit. Wow, that's a first! I was all excited to wear my new teal colored dress. My oldest son who's 8 lost his first 4 bottom teeth today at the dentist. I think that was the highlight of my day.

After a lovely evening I managed to post 12 new paintings. I've sort of left my art store to sit while focusing on other things. I've been painting almost every night as I find it so relaxing. I'm waiting for my supplies still so I can begin wire wrapping pendants.

I just purchased a beautiful painting from an Etsy seller. Having lost my grandma a few months ago, this painting reminded me of what heaven might be if it had trees. I love nature and color as well. I was going to wait to talk about this painting until I receive it but am too excited. You can see the painting by going here: Check out PaintMyLove's store for some more beautiful and affordable original art and prints. I'll post my painting once I receive it.


  1. Happy Birthday!! I feel slack for missing it... :(

    That's a beautiful painting. Do you have a nice spot for it?

  2. Happy Birthday! I forget my age often. It becomes an art form after a while :)