Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Listings

Last night and today I've been listing like a mad woman. Here are a couple of MANY new listings using stippling and watercolor pencils. The painting above took 5 hours to complete, just to give you an idea of the attention it got.

I think the paintings look softer in person which is why I try to include a photo of the piece outside of the scanner. I've been on this bug kick and my husband was happy to see last week when I painted fish. I'd like to attempt some frogs and eventually animals.

My oldest son is so honest. He'll tell me what he thinks looks good and what looks "weird". These got the thumbs up from him and he's asked me not to sell them. Please take a moment and check out all my new listings at I'm still waiting for my first sale in this store. Also visit my original EmBound store where I have quite a bit of hand crafted pure and sterling pieces at or