Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photographing Jewelry

Admittedly, photography is not my strong point. I would much rather be wire wrapping than taking pictures. Since my time on (just over a month)I've browsed many successful stores and noticed quality pictures. I've also shopped jewelry, soaps and handbags.

The photos which tend to sell me on items are ones where the product is modeled in use. For example, there is a model wearing a necklace or purse, or soaps are shown in a soap dish or counter top with a wash rag or something.
So I spent the better part of last night into this morning taking lots of new pictures to display my pendants on my neckline. While I don't have the most flattering neckline, my hope is customers will get a better idea of the size and impact of my peices.

If you've visited some of my jewelry in the past, I hope you'll come back and rediscover them.

The pendant featured in this photo is available in my Etsy store for $36.

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