Thursday, July 31, 2014

Something to Believe in...and Then Some

If you know me personally, you know my love for jewelry and gems is authentic. I create and sell because I'm passionate! I joined the Origami Owl (O2) team as a Designer because I truly love this company, their mission and values, and best of all, quality, customizable product line. If you've known me in the past year or two you've probably seen my physical transformation after making a commitment to be healthy. I share this journey with others because I BELIEVE in it. It has worked for my husband, me and friends....These things are not what this blog is about today. 

This morning while spending some quiet time I felt this twinge of conviction. Those who know me, and some who do not, expect some degree of me sharing about my latest jewelry, the latest O2 line, or my excitement about my fitness. Not everyone is as enthusiastic as I am about these things (that's an understatement by the way). Yet I will continue to share because that's who I am. I'm passionate about what I believe in.

Why then is it so hard to share the greatest passion in my life? The biggest transformation I've taken; the greatest blessing to happen to me! It's a personal and sensitive topic but so is weight loss. I am a Christian. I am not just someone who believes that Jesus walked this earth, died to save me, and rose again. I am one of those "Jesus Freak" Christians who are passionate about my changed life I believe what is written in the Bible is true whether politically correct or not. I am doing exactly what the enemy wants and hiding my light under a bushel (think the song, "This Little Light of Mine"). I do this subconsciously as well as consciously.

I have been given this new life. Not just figuratively but authentically. I should be sharing this excitement more. I AM A NEW PERSON since submitting to the God of this universe. The one who created you and me, and masterfully spun things into existence. Surrendering my life to Christ and accepting the Holy Spirit to guide me is something that is so hard to describe to others. It's something you have to know and experience personally to really grasp. It's revolutionary; life changing, empowering, comforting...

I love there is a a revival happening with the Body of Christ. That's Christian speak from us Christian folk as we're all given gifts whether servitude, teaching, etc.., each making up parts of a bigger movement. Being Christ-like to others is one of our missions . I feel like we're stepping out of the legalistic stuffiness of days old into a more authentic relational faith. One that acts and doesn't just speak. There is something stirring in me that wants to bust out and declare, THERE IS PEACE IN CHRIST, HE IS GOD AND THE ONLY ONE CAPABLE OF GIVING YOU ETERNAL LIFE. Whew, I did it. I blurted it right out! I have nothing to personally gain by sharing this truth with others. I love my friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances and I feel bad for ever making Embound, O2, or my journey on the TSFL program seem more important, or valuable than Christ! My humble loving Savior who gave his life for me as prophesied thousands of years prior, who lives, is my strength. He is the reason I move out of depressions, press on in health, and am able to love and forgive others in ways that were impossible for me before.

I'm sure this blog has made some people feel a bit uncomfortable. I really am sorry if it has. I feel uncomfortable too.

"I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes" Romans 1:16

Here's a poem I wrote many years ago I thought I'd share here:

Starting New

My scars tell a story
Of who I used to be;
A person who was hurting
Until Jesus set me free.

A void had once echoed
Deep inside my heart
Until one day I cried out
For a fresh new start.

I was tired of being lonely,
And feeling shame inside;
I seemed to have forgotten
It was for my sins that Jesus died.

How could He ever want me?
What value might I have
To a God who is perfect
That He’d want to take my hand?

After I’d repented
And followed my Lord’s lead,
I began to understand
He truly wanted to bless me.

Back then, my eyes were blinded
By sin and Satan’s lies,
Now I understand
All along He’d heard my cries.

Jesus waited hand extended;
All I had to do was give
My life into His keeping
Eternity I’d spend with Him.

Jesus gave me hope
Where I didn’t see a way
Now I feel real joy where there
Was once was grief and shame.

Yes, my scars still tell a story
But it’s conclusion is testimony,
Of my old life I have traded
For salvation and God’s blessings.

By MJ, Melissa J, AMomMJ c. '07

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