Friday, July 2, 2010

Prints: Their Debut

I just got done stocking my shop up with tons of prints! Some of the prints I'm now selling were never sold as originals in my store. I've gone with the more affordable-for-all option of using the photographic paper for prints rather than the pricier giclees. My prints are on Kodak Professional Endura paper. The Endura paper is made to last up to 200 years if kept in a dark space out of sunlight, and up to 100+ years with typical display! The colors are bright and overall, I'm happy with them. My scanner doesn't tend to grasp the crisp lines and often exagerates color but this can all be seen in most of the first photo images of each painting in my shop. I don't mind this as it makes images more vivid.
Pricing is as follows:
3.5x5" is $ 3.75
5x7" is $ 6.00
8x10" is $10.00

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