Friday, July 9, 2010

Emma's Garden

Sunday my daughter Emma will be 2! My latest painting, an 11x14", I've named after her. These are some of the colors in her room and I'm now really toying with the idea of doing a bug theme rather than a french-chic. After painting her walls I felt the color purple came out too bright for my initial plan...

Anyway, I've listed my latest painting in my shop. It is listed at $65. It took me 6 hours straight to complete this and the photo doesn't do it justice. Unfortunately my scanner is not large enough to capture a better image of it so I had to rely on my camera which tends to wash out the color. I plan to have this scanned elsewhere so I can retain an image for Emma should I go the bug direction.

I currently have 2 smaller paintings called "Into Summer", parts 1 and 2 in my shop for $10 each. They were the initial paintings that sparked my desire to create something on a bigger scale.

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