Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Juggling Act

That's what it's felt like lately between my Etsy shops and taking care of my family. I have so much gemstone inventory I've been obsessed with getting things listed. Those of you who own Etsy shops know keeping a store is more than just making your craft; it takes TIME to list. I finally had to create a stopping point for myself tonight. It's nearly 1:30 in the morning and I suppose I should sleep soon.

I received my painting from Montri at PaintMyLove on Etsy and already have it framed and matted. There are some other paintings of his I'm dreaming of buying. I'm reluctant to share about her store because I want everything for myself (lol).

I still want to find some time to re-design some business cards and some note cards for my store. I'd like to do some shopping too for things to help me become more organized in my stores. I'll have to post a picture sometime of "before and after" pictures of my home "office".

My dear husband has been handling the deliveries of my packages to help me out with time as I've been bombarded with appointments for the kids.

It is all a juggling act but I'm still having fun doing some work between caring for my children.

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